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Hospitals face various types of disasters that require either decontamination or disinfection interventions. These contaminants can be chemical, biological, radioactive (CBR), or infectious, such as COVID-19.

Chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) agents have the potential to seriously threaten community health and safety, property and the environment. While these agents—especially chemicals—may be accidentally released, a deliberate and malicious act of contamination may have more catastrophic effects and cause mass casualties. People exposed to these agents will require decontamination.

CBRN incidents, both in case of severe accidents, natural outbreak of biological threat or the possible intentional use in terrorist actions, calls for appropriate emergency response planning, training, and exercises including the decontamination capabilities. The central, regional and local authorities, first responders, civil defence units, hospitals, military units, and other organisations must all contribute decontamination process in handling such incidents. During an emergency situation or disaster, a quick response to cleaning and disinfecting patients ensures the safety of current hospital patients and healthcare providers by significantly reducing secondary contamination.

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